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Travis R. Starner

Oct 16, 2022 | Family Issues

My son suffers from pulling away from God, thinking he must do it on his own even though it hasnt worked well. Alcoholism is a problem also. Feelings of recent divorce, depression, hard railroad work, financial distress after divorce, feelings his wife abandoned him for another man. Shall I go on? My son needs prayer to reconnect with his father, God, is the only way he will overcome and work through these problems. Thank you for your prayers. 

Father God, 

You have heard my continual prayers for my son. Please forgive me asking over and over. I feel I confused my son, and I need your help, and your forgiveness, to straighten out our lives, with your love and understanding of these family issues. I pray for our entire family, and every situation in our lives. You are the only way for us to live. You are our only protection. Please help us to understand your love, your grace, and instill in my family, your rules. You are our path of life. Help us to follow you. Amen.

Thank you Lord for our prayer community. 


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