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Family Issues


Pray for God to deliver Jen's home from all evil, strongholds, demons, occult, witchcraft, sin, hexes, curses etc. For powerful spiritual armor, God, Angels, anointing, all He desires to fill her home. God bless!!!


Please pray for God to fully protect Lola, Josie, Abbey and cover them in powerful spiritual armor, anointing. Surround them with Himself, Angels, misc. Their healings, God's will for them, joy, hope, faith, love, peace. Thanks!!!


Pray for God to deliver Jennifer and her home from all evil of every kind and to put powerful spiritual armor, plant life, anointing, Angels and Himself in her home. Her total protection, spiritual armor, comfort and all God desires.

My mother’s home

Pray for God to deliver my mother's home from all evil, demons, strongholds, sin, hexes, unclean spiritual energy, substance etc. It to be filled with powerful spiritual armor/crystal, Angels, Heavenly flowers and plant life and all God would like. God bless!!!

Family, Pets

Pray for God to deliver my mom, Donna, Lola, Josie, Abbey from all evil, heal and protect them. Them to be drawn to salvation, repentance, faithfulness. For power and all God wants to fill them. Spiritual armor for them, wisdom, understanding, insight, revelation,...

Family, Pets

Pray for spiritual armor to fill and cover Jacquelynns home, her, Lola, Josie and Abbey. For her home to be free from all evil, demons, strongholds, curses, occult, witchcraft, hexes etc. For God and Angels to fill her home and all God desires. Thanks!!!

Patrycja P

Please pray for God to fill Patrycja P with all He wants in soul/body. For her full protection, deliverance. God's will for her be done and the enemy's plans/will for her cancelled. Financial blessings for her, favor, grace, courage, faith, hope, bravery. God bless!!!


Pray for God to cover and surround my mom, Lola, Josie, Abbey and her home with powerful spiritual armor and Angels tonight. Thanks!!!


Pray for my immediate family's full protection, deliverance from all evil, salvation, healings, spiritual armor and all God desires. For their discernment, understanding, revelation, wisdom, insight, knowledge, dreams, visions to increase. For cancellation of the...


Please pray 4 God to totally protect and deliver my immediate family and their kids. For their salvation, spiritual armor, anointing, in filling of all God wants. Gods will for them be done

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