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Tony Sirianni

Dec 30, 2022 | Family Issues

Please pray for God to fully protect Lola, Josie and Abbey deliver them from all evil, spiritual enemy weapons, demons, strongholds etc. Spiritual armor, healing, health, provision and God’s will for them. God bless!!!


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PRAYER REQUESTS: ALCOHOL & DRUGS: Jones & Enoch are heavily involved in alcoholism for many years & must quit asap. PROTECTION & SAFETY: The Do*** family asks for intensive and continuous seasons of prayers for ongoing spiritual attacks of death, sicknesses, problems, etc, affecting the generational members. Lydia and her siblings and extended family members are experiencing severe and frequent satanic attacks and frequent deaths among the siblings EVERY 4 YEARS IN A ROW in less than 10 continuous years. The entire family is seeking divine intervention and protection from the evil one. BAK asks for divine intervention in the continuous death of his siblings in few years ago. There are ongoing satanic attacks in the family and need to stop immediately. SALVATION: These are backslidden persons who need seek the Lord Jesus and rededicated their lives: Eben’s friends, Jones, Barnabas, Rosina, Juliana, Roy, Avia, Enock, Stephen, Bessie, Gladys, Agnes, Craig, Tray. Praying that Hezekiah and Hadassah will commit their lives to Jesus forever. HEALING: Healing for Joseph, Steve, Bessie, Juliana, Martha, Noah, Liz, Lydia, Sherry, Thomas, Christabel, Peter, Grace, Nicholas, Joseph, Medford, Seth, Kevin (cancer), Barnabas, Medford (cancer), Ruth(cancer), Ruth’s son(asthma), Amos H, Ben & Anthony (eyes issues). Lumps found in HBA’s breast and some traces of fibroid in her womb, she asks for divine intervention and healing. JOB & FINANCES: Sylvester asks for intensive & urgent prayers & breakthrough for his visa & scholarship for pursuing his education overseas. MARRIAGE & FAMILY: WAY needs intensive prayers of anger & quick-temper attitude should be melted away before and during upcoming marriage and thereafter. Beatrice, and Jeanette ask for divine intervention in getting their first child by opening the womb. VARIOUS REQUESTS: AB asks for divine breakthrough in his tons of prayer requests and another of employment to be opened. BA and his family members ask for breakthrough for their permanent residence permits for James, Lydia, Jones, Rosina, Richard, Seth, Barnabas, etc; Ben asks for breakthrough in his unanswered prayer requests. Sister H has a serious problem of buying things impulsively, she needs to stop wasting money on purchases. Espoir and family ask for divine intervention in numerous challenges they are going through. Vivian is NOT showing motherly care to her children, etc, her husband is really worried about her careless attitude, etc, etc. Benny asks for intervention of his boss evil attitude towards him at workplace. Also, a coworker who is undermining him all the time. Denique needs prayers…… Richard seeks divine intervention & success in his ministry in an unentered territory. Benedict asks for divine intervention in his visa processing. Jessica & Benedict ask for breakthrough in their final exams.