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Jun 24, 2023 | Miscellaneous

Hi, It’s Tony S!!! Please Read and Share!!! ‘Follow someone who follows Jesus, not someone who wants followers’ people pleasing as God knows it to be is compromising God’s standards for you in every or even one aspect of your daily routine, diet, disciplines, tv, music etc. This is idolatry by making people under Satan’s your Lords (thus making yourselves obedient to Satan by default) influence or Saints who compromise in the same way. People who listen to suggestions of the enemy wielding its will through the power of suggestions of other people to halt their spiritual progress (infusion of God’s power, Presence, spiritual flawless news and bodily diet being anything other than God’s manna varieties, living water etc.) (Hence Jesus saying to Peter ‘get the behind me Satan..Jesus was speaking to Satan who was speaking through Peter or strongly urging Peter to say what he said to Jesus). Satan had a foothold, a knee hold or maybe Peter was even waist deep in darkness/sin (I’d guess ankle or knee deep). This allowed for Satan to cause Peter to say what he otherwise wouldn’t have said if he were more infused with God’s Presence, living water and power. God bless!!! Please share this with others 🙂


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