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Physical Realm ARS

Please pray for God to bless the World Strategically with Heavenly Armors etc to Purify and Bless Physical Realm Air, Humidity and Waters. God bless!!

Mohamed Mustapha

Good day,I am a Christian residing in the Caribbean and in need of prayer. Lately, my faith has been growing, but at the same time, I have been experiencing spiritual attacks, mostly through Sinful Dreams. I have faith that Christ can intervene and turn around my...

Judicial System ARS

Please pray for God to bless the World with Spiritual Heavenly Legal/Judicial System Gon, Hedron, Gram based Armors, Technetium Included,etc. God bless!!!

Various World Needs/ARS

Please pray for God to bless the World, Angels and I with Spiritual Heavenly Armors, Power, Living Waters, Manna, Salves, Anointing Oils, Ointments etc. For God to bless the Health of Everyone and Every creature He desires including me. God bless!!!

Systematic Armors etc ARS

Please pray for God to bless the World,Angels and I with Heavenly spiritual Police, Military, Government, Judicial System, Medical, Various Law Enforcement and Systematic Armors etc. Thanks!

Revelatory request ARS

Please pray for God to deliver and purify Spiritual Road, street, Avenue, Boulevard, highway, freeway etc Strongholds based in varying blacktop. . For Him to replace them with His Heavenly choices. God bless!!!

Sexual Strongholds

Please pray for God to deliver and purify the World from Strongholds based in Sexual Perversions, Homosexuality and bisexuality etc. God bless!!!

Belinda B-Robinson

Good day in the mighty name of Almighty Christ,  Please pray for me for the following: 1. Spiritual and physical Unity in my family 2. Blessing of healing,  favor and success 3. I am having an overwhelming issue with this person Bradley Mitchell at my place of work,...

Ms. M

Most grateful for prayers for me, my family and friends for God's grace, mercy and protection continually over us thru Christ.   For us to receive all the benefits He wills for us to receive.Also for me to easily overcome all seeming darkness victoriously.Many thanks...

Teri Talks

Teri gives inspiring and inspirational talks to give food to your soul. She believes that ANYONE can be transformed. Her desire is Transformation Together through mentoring!

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