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Pray that I can get my class schedule worked out for this semester Fall 2023 and that God will get me signed up for classes ASAP.

Pietek family

Please pray for God to bless the Pietek family and their homes, cars spiritually.  For their blessed physical health and full protection. God bless!!!

Earth’s farms and animals

Please pray for God to deliver the World's farmlands and animals from evil and to bless them spiritually/physically as He desires. God bless!!!


That God will get me signed up for school this semester and my tutition payed for.One class I am interested in starts this Friday the others start later.I may want to tke in addition som non credit continuing ed courses.

Mukesh Daniel

Dear Brother-In-Christ,Greetings to you in the Matchless name of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ !!I would like to state you that we were greatly blessed by the All India Interdenominational Prayer Meeting held for three days from 29 to 31 March 2023 at Rajouri...

Law Enforcement

Please pray for God to deliver the Lehigh Valley, PA Police Departments and various types of Law Enforcement from evil. For God to bless them, their workplaces etc spiritually. God bless!!!

Carlos Caballero

Kindly requesting prayers to have the right people to come to our small business to help me. In the meantime to have strenght to continue to working 16+ daily hrs. Amen

Teri Talks

Teri gives inspiring and inspirational talks to give food to your soul. She believes that ANYONE can be transformed. Her desire is Transformation Together through mentoring!

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