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Physical Realm Energy Needs/Urgent/ARS

Please pray for God to fill the World with Heavenly Armors that bless the Physical Realm with Every Type of Energy It Needs. For Him to Deliver It from Evil Strongholds that Would Prevent God from Blessing the Earth in This Way. God bless!!!

God’s People, Angels and I

Pray for God to fully protect His People, Angels and Myself Here Where I live, for Their Favor, Grace, Full Provisions and His Will for Them and His Plan for Them to be done. God Bless!!!

Anthony Sirianni

I Suspect my Cellular Phone was Stolen or Lost because I haven't seen it in many days and can't find it anywhere. Please pray about this. Almost Every Electronic Device such as Tablets, Laptops, Cellular Phones have been Stolen one after the Other in the last 21...

Tony Sirianni

Please pray for God to cancel evil plans for me and my life. For favor, grace, provisions and protection. God bless!!!


Please pray for God to deliver me from evil and to bless my soul with all He desires. God bless!!!

Urgent, ARS

Please pray for God to cancel evil plans for me and my life. For full protection, favor, grace, provisions. God bless!!!

Teri Talks

Teri gives inspiring and inspirational talks to give food to your soul. She believes that ANYONE can be transformed. Her desire is Transformation Together through mentoring!

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