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The Entire World…Very Important!!! Tony S.

Please pray for God to deescalate all wars and false rumors of wars, impending doom, evil forebodings, catastrophe, problems and to restore peaceful dealings of all kinds between all Nations, families, organizations, corporations, businesses etc. For God to place...

Earth’s atmosphere deliverance, healing and blessing

Pray for God to deliver Earth's atmosphere from all evil spiritual armor that prevents the Sun's energy from reaching Earth in a healthy beneficial way. For Him to bless it with Heavenly spiritual armor (immaculate magical, mystical, majestic Heavenly crystal,...

America Big Need

Please pray for God to bless America with His strongholds of conscientiousness, consideration, wisdom, critical thinking, insight, discernment, understanding, knowledge, revelation, thoughtfulness, common sense, concepts that He desires, Holy strategy, various...


Pray for God to fill Patrycja's home with spiritual power, armor, Angels, comfort, anointing, living water, manna, His Blood, His Presence, hope, all He desires. God bless!!!

Tony Sirianni

Please pray for God to deliver and bless my electronics and also my tap water so that it is pure and healthy. God bless!!!

Very Important

Pray for God to deliver the American judicial system, judges, lawyers, juries, courtrooms, government buildings, government workers/employees, witnesses from all evil. For Him to bless and help these people and places in all ways He desires!!

Anthony Sirianni various needs

Please pray for God to bless me with full provisions, blessings, financial blessings. For total protection, vindication, cancellation of all plans of evil for me. Favor, grace, comfort, validation, peace, joy, Angels, miscellaneous. God bless!!!

The Earth

Pray for God to fill the Earth with more of His Presence, power and all He desires. God bless!!!

Teri Talks

Teri gives inspiring and inspirational talks to give food to your soul. She believes that ANYONE can be transformed. Her desire is Transformation Together through mentoring!

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