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Please pray for God to deliver Jennifer from all all occult, witchcraft, sin, demons, strongholds, evil etc. For God to protect her and fill her home with powerful spiritual armor, anointing, Angels and Himself.  For her healing and all He desires to fill her being. ...

Faith Temple Church of God

Faith Temple Church of God, Wauchula is in need of prayer. We came through the pandemic but have not recovered well with attendance and financial support.  We were hit weeks ago with Hurricane Ian which caused damage to the property. We have a $55,000 insurance...

Iglesia De Dios Getsemani

Asking for prayer for church growth.  We moved to a new location and in January 2023 we  will have been there for a year now.   The church has not had a growth in many years.  We are praying for direction from the Lord has to what we need to do. We have helped the...

The Osteens

Please pray for God to place powerful spiritual armor in and around the Osteens property, vehicles, offices. For God's Angels to surround them and God's Presence as well. For Heaven's beauties, magical wonders and more to fill these areas too. God bless!!!

Christian leaders

Please pray for God to bless the soul's of Ronnie Martin, Daniel Kolenda, the Osteens and specific Christian leaders. For their full protection, bodily health & restoration and God's mind and influence over them to be at it's fullness. Thanks!!!


Pray for God to bless and purify the World's atmosphere physical & spiritual and Pennsylvania's too

Church leaders and their families

Pray for God to bless and do His good will for the Pieteks', Schwartz', Petrows' and myself in all ways. For our total protection, deliverance from all evil enemy plans and schemes. For power to fill us and our homes, anointing and all God desires. God bless!!!

Americas’ Church Leadership/faithful Christians

Please pray for God to give Americas' Church leadership, prayer warriors and faithful Christians to fast from all evil of the sinful World that is influenced by the Devil. For God to fill them all with power, His Presence, manna, living water, Jesus' Blood and to...

The World, Church, Nations

Pray for God to remove the spirit of war among the Nations of Earth, antagonism, racism, bigotry, sexism, contention, bitter envy, miscellaneous evil spirits of sorts/types He wants removed including removal of the spirit of persecution and oppression of true...

Teri Talks

Teri gives inspiring and inspirational talks to give food to your soul. She believes that ANYONE can be transformed. Her desire is Transformation Together through mentoring!

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