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Anthony Sirianni URGENT

Jul 14, 2022 | Miscellaneous

Please pray for God to settle all of my legal matters and situations completely with me as victorious. Pray for God to cancel all plans of evil for me regarding my legal situations and to fully protect me in all regards legally. For Him to protect me from all attacks on my livelihood, legal situations, housing, recovery efforts in all matters of my whole life recovery. For Him to make sure I have the appropriate living situation for the most effective whole life and faith recovery to take place without interruption or sabotage. For justice, fairness and righteousness to prevail asap in my life in all ways and areas. For Him to utterly END all evil efforts to kill me, destroy any and all areas of my life for me to FINALLY have my breakthrough, victory and first chance after a lifetime of suffering to repent faithfully. After a horrible ‘Job..Bible reference’ like spiritual and whole life situation that must end I want vindication! I anticipate with excitement the end of my turmoil and the beginning of my pursuit of my calling in its fullness! God bless!!!


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