Several please thank you

Miranda and her 3 girls: Madison, Madeline, Meredith for more faith. Wisdom on the job and for future choices. Salvation for family and friends. Thanks


Pray for God to remove all sources of evil spiritual energy and cursed spiritual environment causing things of the enemy from my property. Pray for Him to replace those evils with powerful spiritual things of His choosing. Thanks ūüôā

Shashini Chameli Kumari Dehideniya

Hello, I'm Chameli. I'm from Sri Lanka and 22 years old. Here is the prayer request which was written by my mother (Niroshini)."I beg for a very strong prayer for us. As a family, we're currently in a serious problem. We're suffering from a evil force created by...

Crawford Family

For direction, guidance and God's will according to where and when we relocate from the Indianapolis area...that the Lord close every door not to be opened and open every door to be opened...that his voice be heard clearly and that the tricks, snares and deceptions of...

leanne and dom

hat Leanne and doms mind will and emotions would align with CHRISTS for her life that CHRIST will CONTINUE TO CONTEND WITH THOSE WHO CONTEND WITH US that CHRIST WOULD BE THE CENTRE OF OUR MARRIAGE and it would be protected from wolvesThat we would respect each other...

The Pietek’s family

Pray for God to accomplish His full will for the Pietek's in all ways and for their full protection, spiritual armor and all to be done for their souls, bodies spirits and lives that He desires.  God bless!!!


Khaled’s an Emirati Muslim who has been studying the Bible the past 10 months. He needs a power encounter with Jesus (such as a dream or vision) for him to believe. In the next week he’s going to make some important decisions that could lead him further away from God...


Please pray for me for physical healing and for favour for urgent surgery I have blood clots and very little blood flow in both legs please pray for me  that the surgery would be fastracked. Thankyou for your prayers 


Pray for God to help me lose weight, drink and eat perfect.  For Him to bless my supplements and health.  For Him to help me take perfect care of my body.  God bless!!!

Anthony Sirianni

Pray for God's Spirit to fill me and my home.  For finances, health, blessings, giftings, favor, grace, peace, joy and beauty.  God bless!!!

Anthony Sirianni

Pray for God's Spirit to fill my home, Angels and all forms of His goodness and power that He desires.  For my total protection and for God's will to be accomplished for me and every area of my life.  God bless!!!

Granados Family

URGENCE PRAYERS OF PROTECTION?Father-God, Granados Family is in Danger  and Harms Way , from Patricia Macias Sanchez  and Frank Contreras,  Mike( Miguel) we never know, what they are up to, which is always no Good and Evil? Father-God, Protect us from them and their...

Anthony Sirianni

Pray for my protection from all enemy attacks and plans for me and my life. Pray a lot please!!! God bless!!!

Chigozie Sunday okoronkwo

Please brothers and sisters I need finishal help for house sent my rent is over due for payment my landlord is destorbing me for it please I need help with the rent is 36,000# please brothers and sisters


Please pray for God to fill my home with His Presence, Angels, power and all He desires.   For Him to do all He desires for me, my mom, Lola and Josie.  God bless!!!


Please help guide David to make sound decisions and advances that help him reach his goals. Help him to be kind to himself, less hard on himself.  Please support his efforts and protect his health of mind body and soul.  He loves the Lord and is a wonderful person....


For the hurt that he has experienced by rejection from his mother.  Please help him with addiction and please help us to be supportive and to help him utilize all support that is available.  protect and guide his life. Please give him love and fulfillment in his life...


Please help Joseph with his anxiety and ADHD.  Help him to make good decisions and seek God first in all things. Bless his mind, body, and soul.  Help him with moderation and impulsivity and to have strength to leave bad habits behind.  Please help him to find a...


Please heal Joani and let this mass be benign. She is scared and full of life... if it is in your will, please heal Joani and allow her life to go forward. She is loved and needed here.  Mostly she loves you, Lord, and is your servant.

Emmanuel N Bessong

Hello, please pray for me to be delivered from spiritual oppression and madness in the name of Jesus Christ. Thanks

Marriage restoration- Anilkumar Vishwakarma & Shalu Vishwakarma

My husband (Anilkumar Vishwakarma) had removed me from his home since 3months ago... without any reason he always shout on me n everytime he insult or disrespect me infornt of everyone.. he never care or respect me.. there is no love from his side...  He always listen...


I'm going through inbred in the head, grief how my dad and that woman that's fat sin and how they work with the devil both my dad and the woman that's fat this ain't right get me away from them probation over there in the mind they psychic channeling candles they're...

Myself–MJC in Indiana

Prayer for self-discipline and dedication to exercise and lose weight...I need it...In Jesus Name, the Name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit Amen!

Evelyn mosley

Albert, Carlos, Alena, Abraham, Crystal, Bobby, Tyrone, Terry, Letitia, Rosalind, and her children, Faye, Scott, Pyshon, Carolyn Green, Jordan, Pam, Elizabeth, Petter, Shanteria, Victoria, Briana and her kids, Kiara and her Kids. Andi and Joshua, Marley and her...

evelyn brooks

Please pray and come to an agreement that God bless me with a job that I could take the feet of Jesus so His gifts and power could manifest through me in Florida. God restore honor and respect in my name in the US and internationally. Albert is delivered from...


Please pray that the pathology results of my colon polyp indicate no sign of cancer.  Amen.

Teri Talks

Teri gives inspiring and inspirational talks to give food to your soul. She believes that ANYONE can be transformed. Her desire is Transformation Together through mentoring!


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