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Very Important for Earth/ARS, Revelatory Request!!

Nov 26, 2023 | Deliverance

Please pray for God to purify the World from evil spiritual oils (Ex. Crude mineral oils, petroleum etc). Nothing soothes and heals infections and weak irritated agitated tissues faster than petrolatum. Even the barely effective petrolatum balms and lotions healed infected very weak and brittle tissues on my body in 2 days. Sin infection is cured much more rapidly with Heavenly very powerful mineral oils and petrolatum from God’s Presence.  For every physical thing (Ex. Oils, stone, plant life, Everything… there is a spiritual thing to match it).  The physical realm’s materials are anchors for spiritual materials to magnetize to the physical materials. Spiritual Mountains are inside physical Mountains and use physical Mountains to anchor the spiritual Mountains.  Fermented, rotten spiritual armor grows more evil sin infections just like rust causes regular bacteria to become more evil and rotten like tetanus. God has to plow up the spiritual realm with His power and grow/generate fresh Heavenly spiritual armor etc to be able to bless the World with Heavenly manna, spiritual armor, plant life and much more. bless!!!


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