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Urgent Matter!!! Pray!!!

Nov 4, 2022 | Miscellaneous

JUST FYI Very Important!!!!!! They are adding fluorocarbons to aerosol body, deodorant and household scent sprays in the U.S.A!!! I cant be sure about other Countries but be sure to check. Fluorocarbons are why Teflon pans were so dangerous and were taken off of the market because if you put a blue jay bird 1 1/2 feet or 18 inches away from a Teflon pan while cooking the blue jay will die in a minute and a half or 90 seconds!!! I lost my 2 gorgeous male cats Gus and Sammy with in 2 weeks of sniffing Teflon pans! They sniffed them approximately 5-6 times for about 15 seconds each time they sniffed for a total of about 90 seconds of total sniffing of fluorocarbons over a 2 week period!!! After 1 week their fur was pitch white and after 2 weeks they were both dead!!! We didn’t know what caused it at first until we learned it was the Teflon pans!!! The first thing people do with body, deodorant and household aerosol sprays do after spraying is sniff the sprays!!! Pray for God’s intervention regarding this matter!!!


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