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The Earth, revelatory information!!!

May 4, 2023 | Deliverance

Pray for God to fill Earth’s atmosphere with powerful spiritual armor to strengthen the atmosphere and seal It with powerful armor to seal in fresh spiritual/physical energy thus sealing out ALL darkness spiritual and physical from outside the Earth’s atmosphere. God absorbs the energy to purify both spiritual and physical realms and the energy purifies the Earth. Satan is larger than the Earth and the Devil started polluting the Earth from within the Earth’s atmosphere and from the outside as well. The weaker the Earth’s atmosphere becomes the more spiritual/physical pollution from outer space the Devil can fill the Earth with.  The darker Earth gets the colder and more sin infested the Esrth gets thus allowing for more wickedness to infect souls, angelic beings with and the entire World too.  The Devil, its demonic beings etc are the most miserable and evil they have ever been. However this will change rapidly as God delivers the World just like Jesus did when He faithfully repented all of the World’s sin and evil out of the World because He is/was esdily as large as the World so when Jesus repented all Earth’s evil was burned out of the World as God delivered Jesus and powered Him up thus purifying the Earth totally.  Jesus was the Rising Sun of His day/time period aka the Morning Star/Rising Sun after a darker age than in previous history. This prevents ALL types of decay and evil PERIOD!!! God bless!!!


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