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Revelatory Request for Earth/ARS/Earth’s people

Jan 7, 2024 | Deliverance

Revelatory Request…Pray for God to deliver everybody on Earth and Strategic Areas of Earth from ‘Pruning Strongholds’. These need to literally be pruned by God for quick relief from overbearing spiritual pressure, discomfort and inability to be comfortable to be removed. These strongholds disable spiritual/physical biofunction and cause extreme inability to use one’s own soul/bodily functions causing it to be very frustrating to try and use one’s Mind, Will, Body etc. One cannot be able to utilize their own usefulness and competence with these strongholds around them. They hold down all functions making it impossible to freely wield one’s own being with any success. Picture they man on the American penny with his hand on his chin. With these strongholds he would never realize himself or anything worth knowing or contemplating again. He’d be stuck in that position permanently. Once the pruning took place he’d wake up, realize himself, remember who he was/is and begin to aspire to break out of his shell and think/dream bigger instead of being stumped/confounded forever. God bless!!!


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