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Revelatory Request for Earth/ARS

Jun 21, 2024 | Spiritual Needs

For God to bless the World with Spiritual Heavenly Armors and Strongholds to Counter Hate. Armors for Caterpillar(Caterers to Heavenly Society/Pillars of Community/Apple Eaters/AkA,God’s Students/Christ’s Teachers Pets who Take God in AND Learn from Obtain Wisdom Plus Maximum Power of Soul!!! Power Plus Discipleship (Any Lukewarm Christian Can Quote Scripture…Even Satan Can, but Persistent Faithfulness of Souls Obtains Maximum Power which brings Earth back to an Eden like State!!! Wisdom Teaches, but Wisdom with Power/via faithfulness teaches with Worldwide Eden Mastery. Wisdom without faithfulness only teaches about common sense regarding obtainment of Power via faithfulness that would render Earth an Eden. Walking Faithfully for Easy/Reasonable Time brings Earth back to Life. Sane Service Serve Realistically. God bless!!


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Teri gives inspiring and inspirational talks to give food to your soul. She believes that ANYONE can be transformed. Her desire is Transformation Together through mentoring!

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