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Prayer Tuesday 25-07-2023

Jul 25, 2023 | Financial Needs

Dear father,


Thank you for letting me open my eyes this morning. Forgive me for my countless sin. Please turn around my mentality for you!

Use me in whatever way you like.

Please father give me job asap. I can stand the way it is right now. Father I want to earn FL 17.000 gross monthly.

And I want my other business ventures to goes well.


Please father turn my friends faces to you and help them in every possible way. Show them you are the one thru GOD.

Rene, Brian, Steven, Rody, Garrick, Jaime, Rick, Harold, Hans, Henny, Oly, Tekko, Anthony, Bertje, Hubert, Mery

Miguel, Herb, Reagan, Werner, Claudius, Mario, Henny, Gio, Elvis, Remy, Samantha, Soraya, Veroesjka, Jompi, Andre, Trevor


In Jesus name. Amen.


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