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Patricia Rebecca an Zemleh

Jan 10, 2024 | Financial Needs

Prayer_ I’m having problems getting food delivered_ Miracles  favor to get food delivered soon  an Carolyn to have Financial Miracles to get Rent together 2,600. a better job an not get eviction  favor an Salvation for landlord an family🙏. also Anna  Angels Protection an financial Miracles for place_ house to live in an healing an Marriage strengthened an job for Tai   also Miracles for Johnny. Angels around him an parents_ that nothing has happened to him.   Joanna Financial Miracles favor on new job an that she can stay where she’s at or find Subsidized good appt  somewhere with plenty of help storage dog  storms an that they’re not homeless in car 🙏

  _   Adel baby Rosey Katy  financial miracles  Rent bills better job  car parts to come_ heal baby  Closer to God. Deliver also Jeff in diff prison Angels financial heal Close to God an Mary  a good home financial heal.  Lisa heart.  Legal Voting USA angels Israel to take Gaza back for their own territory an no one else’s  Strength energy  Peace Jerusalem Israel🙏


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