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Marriage restoration- Anilkumar Vishwakarma & Shalu Vishwakarma

May 6, 2022 | Divorce

  1. My husband (Anilkumar Vishwakarma) had removed me from his home since 3months ago… without any reason he always shout on me n everytime he insult or disrespect me infornt of everyone.. he never care or respect me.. there is no love from his side…  He always listen to his brother and brother wife’s. My husband always support to his brother wife’s and always prove me wrong. please pray for my marriage restoration. Pray for marriage life healing…. I am also praying each and everyday Due to this I am not able to sleep , n numbers of thought are taken place in my mind with this m facing depression. I can’t concentrate in anything… I am frustrated with my life…. I want my husband back in my life with lots of love respect n care Please pray for my marriage restoration and depression
  2. Kindly go through the following attachment of me and my husband photo


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