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Liam O’Shannessy

Feb 25, 2024 | Spiritual Needs

I need prayer to be delivered and restored due to a 12 year long bondage, torment and attacks I have suffered for too long. It has prevented me from study, proper work and functioning normally. My own family refuses to assist and help me, and even go against me for the help I require even though they know it’s needed. No one seems to know what’s going on, or even what to help me find a solution. I have been frustrated and angry with this for so long due to the many long years of this occurring and the great internal spiritual damage I have suffered. My torment and attacks are heavily directed at my mind and heart with all manner of evil intrusive thoughts and choices I never submitted to. Even if I resist this, it feels like my heart and mind are still getting polluted with the devil’s rubbish, as they try to drag me into things, torment and oppress me to frustration and exhaustion in order to overpower me. This has gone on long enough and I want this problem to be fully removed permanently.


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