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Insightful Request/ARS

Feb 27, 2024 | Deliverance

When asked to explain why I like this Request I commented right below the request with insightful revelatory explanation. Pray for God to bless, surround every person, Church, Angel, residence, vehicle, and Strategic Places and beings with spiritual Heavenly protective, empowering, stabilizing, misc Armors. Thanks!

I feel Elated for more power via Armor which protects from sin infection, darkness, bandage, Strongholds all types of attacks and fuels the Soul for increased spiritual bio function and less scrambled polluted/thus garbled ruined spiritual perception of God’s Mind and the beauty of His Flawless, pristine, immaculate energies that darkness, sin etc blind, cloud and dirty the reception/perception and experience of ( the key is having enough Radiating Heavenly Armor and God’s Presence for no smudge/ shadow of evil to skew perfect perception of God’s Majestic Beauty. God bless!! Share this with everyone for wonderful insight and revelation. God bless!!!


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