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ARS/Spiritual Needs

Please pray for God to bless the World and all He desires with Spiritual Heavenly Various Jam, Gel, Similar Armors and Strongholds. God bless!!!


Jennifer, Rhianna and Brittany need prayer. Their friends, family members, neighbors, associates, affiliates, colleagues, relatives, cohorts, colleagues and leadership need prayer as well. Thank you very much.


There are many lonely people in my city. Thank you, Lord, for providing a writing, board game, and/or singles group for us. Let the venue, people, and means come soon. In Christ, Amen.


For Matt C. myself...turned 50 last June and not where I would like to be or believe I should be...pray that I get the inspiration to get the motivation to decide what to do next...seems like I'm always hitting a brick wall or so in life and have been spinning my...

Body of Christ

SUPERNATURAL PRAYER vs RETALIATION: May the Holy Spirit lead us in calling the people and the government of Israel to FORGIVE HAMAS and ALL Terrorists and their supporters who Condemn the Chosen People of God.  May this prayer of PEACEgive GLORY to The CREATOR OF ALL...

Tramicia Maclin

How to trust again from being to trusting, how to live again from being too loving, how to heal after being hurt consistently, how to avoid users and takers, how to release everything bad back to where it came from, how to get back peace without solitude, how to...

Teri Talks

Teri gives inspiring and inspirational talks to give food to your soul. She believes that ANYONE can be transformed. Her desire is Transformation Together through mentoring!

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