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ARS/Very Revelatory Request/READ…PRAY

Feb 9, 2024 | Deliverance

For God to bless Earth, especially Strategic Areas with Heavenly Spiritual Magnets of His Choosing. Jesus gave me a dream/vision showing me large amounts of evil magnet Strongholds to be replaced. The Chemistry of these magnetic Strongholds caused various types of Society and System issues/problems and caused demons/people etc to collude/plot/scheme/the Like against God, Humanity, Angelic Kind, Earth’s Systems, World Peace so as to eliminate all things Christlike, Systematically Sound/Functional, Socially Heaven like so as to cause the ultimate takeover of a Heaven on Earth, Genuinely Holy World. Many of the Spiritual Magnet Strongholds were in Clusters/Bundle Packs appearing as wood logs individually wrapped/encased in protective soft and rubbery layers of plastic to protect them from rotting out totally/rusting but also to prevent deliverance from them by Jesus from taking place as easily and quickly. Ask God for confirmation/Conviction/Verification on this Revelation. God bless!!!


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