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Anthony Sirianni/Testimony

Feb 21, 2023 | Spiritual Needs

So looking forward to going to the highest spiritual pinnacles spiritually and with all God will do for my body! Manna, living water and only what God wills for me to put in my body for life once I reach a certain point with God spiritually!! Prayers are working well!! Pray for my peace!!!  I finally feel God’s living water breaking through the dense spiritual darkness over my will a bit.  In my dreams it started as a shot glass of living water, then a cup, an Ocean until the Ocean was three times as dense with Living water flowing from Him into to my soul with extravagant Heavenly beauties everywhere with no trace of sin, evil or darkness left.  I think the worst is just about over 🙂  Oh boy!!!  Time for the fun to begin!!!  Pray for me!


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