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Anthony Sirianni

Dec 16, 2022 | Deliverance

God showed in my dreams He is slowly but surely tearing down a spiritual Satanic fortress that surrounds me for quite a distance and laying a Heavenly stronghold/fortress of spiritual power, love, beauty and glory. Pray for me regularly as God leads!!! He showed me the Devil fought furiously for years to trap me and stamp me out like dark ash with it because it knew I would never quit and watch myself become evil through complacency and a cavalier attitude about Gods calling on my life and that I would take seriously becoming the fullness of what I could become with Gods help.  I never could stand being a statistic that never ended up mattering to myself or others that just watched the fate of defeat and misery take me like a typhoon of failure, evil and hatred.  I want to take back what was stolen from me and fulfill my God given potential with all of my potential reaching full fruition. Once that is accomplished then perfected integrity and character is next (maintenance, falling is not an option)). God bless!!!


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