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May 1, 2024 | Financial Needs

I kneel and Pray for Israel,   my family and myself Bless Israel and Pray for Shalom peace and joy to all in Israel. Amen

Praise The Lord

Wisdom , Deliverance from Balance debts to be crushed soonest under the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ miraculously and an angel of Blessings locate us today as God’s messenger to come and help us resolve it .

May our marriage be joyful as it’s quite tense at present and we get to rejoice together with family.

Lastly may our Restaurant Business prosper and sales increase daily

as we know ….Nothing is impossible with Our God

Thank you so much for Prayers in Advance may our God Bless you &
your ministry .

Please plead with our Jehovah Jireh,  if we can find a lender with a private / Bank or Institution with low interest funds and we promptly pay back every month as the requirement is { not } big, however this is required to repay back our high interest loans which is really a burden at present.

May our Prayers be answered according to His will today, because HE LOVES ME


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