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Tony, Emergency!!! SOS!!!!

Oct 10, 2022 | Deliverance

I’ve been sleeping outside in low 40’s weather with a jacket that can’t button when I lay down to sleep. I sleep terribly and get no real rest and my whole body hurts a lot!!! I wake up yelling that I’m in terrible pain, afraid I’m going to die from hypothermia and I’ve lost at least 20 pounds in 2 weeks mostly water weight I believe. No one will let me have my money and all of my cash was stolen. The person who handles my money refuses to let me have enough to leave the State of Pennsylvania and the team of people who claim they want to find me housing will not cooperate with housing that is appropriate and have only made sure to find me illegal housing against code housing that was full of people who destroyed my life. Some of the housing they found me was so atrocious that no one in the World should have been allowed to live in those places. My doctor said essentially that I should accept horrid living conditions as perfectly normal and just fine because that’s what I get when I’ve got finances to live much better and especially in States like Florida and Texas. No matter how hard I try I can not escape the confines of the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania!!! I’ve been injected unknowingly with horrifying dosages of devastating psychotropic for over a decade that drove me completely insane within 2 hours of being administered and even when I begged to come off of these awful drugs they made sure through manipulation that I had to remain on these drugs for years. I’ve been tirtured, harassed, sexually harassed, had loaded guns pointed at my head daily for months and my life is destroyed!!! I had 15 thousand dollars stolen from me because I was going to move out of PA so now for the second time I am trapped here. No one will allow me to leave PA or the Lehigh Valley even though I am completely competent to live independently and have proven so for a very long time. I have been set up, framed and preposterous oh misrepresented by many who refuse to stop persecuting me!!! They won’t let me escape their clutches until I’m quite positive!!! I wake up shaking uncontrollably from the cold. One of them, a woman followed me around the parking lot I was in for a week yelling about me being the ‘peaceful Christian Saint’ then mentioned she worked for the Queen (alien demon I believe’ and that she was calling her snakes who were brutal killers and mentioned several central and south American countries perhaps where they were from and maybe migrated illegally from!!! My guess is they are Satanic witches from those places but don’t quote me on that. I’ve had to live under the most horrendous disgusting of circumstances and living situations for over a decade and haven’t been able to escape their tyrannical control yet and have received no legitimate assistance from anyone whatsoever from this area!!! I’m freezing right NIW and hypothermia I believe is a nightly thing for me and quite dangerous to my health!!! Please help me escape this evil place in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania!!! Please God let the horror end!!!


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