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Shashini Chameli Kumari Dehideniya

Jun 29, 2022 | Financial Needs

Hello, I’m Chameli. I’m from Sri Lanka and 22 years old. Here is the prayer request which was written by my mother (Niroshini).
“I beg for a very strong prayer for us. As a family, we’re currently in a serious problem. We’re suffering from a evil force created by someone. Specially my daughter. She’s mentally ill. Now, she is in a very critical situation.
And as a family we’ve faced a financial problem. We’re trying to sell one of our propheties. Even it is not success. We’re Roman Catholic, converted in June 2020. We have a big faith in our Lord God and Jesus.
We’re praying constantly. But, we cannot get rid of this situation. If our financial problem is solved, we can work against the evil work.
Everything is blocked. I can understand this is because of the evil work done by someone who is around us. There may be two people.
So please pray for our protection and for a quick solution for our financial problem. Because we need someone’s help. And also we must own a house for ourselves immediately, because our current home which we’re living for rent, is full of negative energy. Please pray for us to buy a new house. Pray for our whole family.

Shashini Chameli Kumari Dehideniya,
Anura Bandara Karunarathne,
Niroshini Sagarika Liyanage,
Charitha Jayashanka Bandara Dehideniya,
Mallika Liyanage,

Thank you.”

And I have an innocent request for me. There is a guy who is interested in me. I like him too. Please pray for it to be prosper, if it is the God’s plan to keep us together. Thank you very much.


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