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Oļegs , Inese , Marija , Samanta , Roberts

Apr 27, 2024 | Deliverance

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ , our beloved brother Oleg’s and his wife Inesa having spiritual battle as I’m writing. Enemy created flesh filled walk in life through a manipulative atmosphere that provokes and justifies attitude towards children in family which controlling and gives fear based on anger and self-willed demands over ones will and oppose and stands above Gods Will , Provision , Word ( and its truth ) , Mind , Love. Its not the divine nature of loving Father. It’s unfortunately not the Love of God. Let us pray that tenderness, compassion, forgiveness, love, humility, understanding, tolerance, kindness , meekness will prevail over these Christian parents who are under pressure from the enemy. If anyone is familiar with spiritual warfare then I can tell you that generational curses fallowing family from mother side it really tormenting and also making a problems for family to toot in to the Word of God and using women’s in family to dominate over men. These spirits of witchcraft contently and cautiously attacking the entire family, but the attacks affecting both parents and children equally.
  Prayers for forgiveness and unconditional godly love are urgently needed in the parental hearts of both generations. It will all end this year in the name of Jesus Christ!
In all of this, it makes our relationship with daughter of Olges ( Marija ) complicated. Devil sending lies in Marijas mind about me , through her father and mother , sisters.



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