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Kelly Sue Jones, Brooklyn Ivy Jones, Andrea Christine Jones

Oct 7, 2023 | Physical Healing

Praise God for He is good! I’m a single grandma raising my 4-year old granddaughter. I’m a teacher, too. We both keep getting sick. If I don’t work we don’t eat. My granddaughter, Brooklyn Ivy is running a high fever this morning. We are both still recovering from Pink Eye, too. I feel Satan is trying to devour us. Her mom, Andrea (my daughter) is hooked on drugs and in a toxic relationship. She needs healing, too. She doesn’t live with us.  Help us Lord Jesus. Please pray protection over us and healing. I am tired and angry. Help me overcome anger. Help. Please help Brookie get well fast. Pray for us to stay well. Thank you. In Jesus Christ’s Holy name, AMEN


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