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Asher and Henry

May 5, 2024 | Physical Healing

Seeking healing prayer for 2 gravely ill little boys.

One I’d my coworkers great nephew. Asher. A 4 year old with a brain tumor. He needs a miracle.

The other is a little boy I have never met but read of his miraculous story. He has a rare disease and his parents are moving mountains with God’s help to find a cure. His name is Henry Saladino. May their faith remain strong, may God uphold the little boy and keep him healthy and strong, may he be healed, may doctor’s find the cure he needs and soon! May whatever obstacles in their way be removed. I have more than a mustard seed of faith. Jesus can do it. 

We pray for their healing and for miracle cures! May the Lord be glorified and may all say it was the hand of the Lord that heals!



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