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Salvation for family

My family has not yet been saved.  Please pray for the salvation of my Mom, Dad, brother, and two of my nieces.  Their names are Mary, Roger, Dave, Ellie and Amanda.  May God bless you!

Posted by: simonsimon, on Sep 27
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My son Jeremy suffers from asthma and must take breathing treatments almost daily. Please pray for his physical healing so that he may be delivered from his affliction of asthma. Thank you so much.

Posted by: Dee721, on Sep 06
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I am in need of a house of my own. I am currently living with a relative who does not have the space for me, and I have been trying to get a place of my own but don’t have much money and most places are quite expensive. Please pray that I will be blessed with a place of my own soon. Thank you.

Posted by: Dee721, on Sep 06
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Please pray that Freddy get a contract teaching post from Wced right now . Please pray that the principals run to him to give a job and that the favor of God surround him in Jesus Name. Please pray that Lord give him a R25 000,00 and that the Lord supply all he and his family needs and fill his cupboard…

Posted by: N4N, on Sep 04
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Marriage Restoration

I ask that you please pray for the restoration of my marriage.  My husband left me and my daughter a little over 6 weeks after a heated argument.  There has never been any cheating, lying, abuse, or anything of that nature.  My husband is the one that led me to Christ so I just can’t…

Posted by: Renee Allen, on Sep 03
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the middle east

  pray for the people in the middle east

  pray for, peace,  for love, 

  for good people,  in there lives

  for god’s will and for

  salvation for the people

  thank you

Posted by: DustinK111, on Aug 28
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Rescue Christian and Yazidi girls…

Please pray with me: Heavenly Father I pray for the rescue and protection of the Christian and Yazidi girls held captive by ISIS. I ask Father that you comfort these girls and send them help quickly. I also pray for protection and assistance for Steve Maman and those involved with CYCI that are working…

Posted by: Pam's Prayers, on Aug 27
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seipati mpevane

i am asking god to deliver me from fear of driving, panic attack and anxity when driving the car. The fera of driving on steps, slops, highways, curves and on normal speed. I was involved in a car accidance after the accident im paralized when i have to drive and when I drive i get anxiety, fear and…

Posted by: seipati, on Aug 25
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Church On Fremont

My name is Travis. My wife and I are leading a new church plant downtown Las Vegas called Church on Fremont. Please pray for the favor with all levels of culture to serve and have gatherings through out the community we are reaching. More ministry works to help carry the mission with us and the current…

Posted by: Docjones, on Aug 25
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Emmanuel Osei Odehyie Bonsu

Financial needs in my life. I have the passion and the call is on me to do a lot for the Kingdom of God, but I am with a serious financial difficulties. I really need Jesus in my financial life. Amen.

Posted by: odehyie, on Aug 18
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Emmanuel Osei Odehyie Bonsu

I need God’s intervention in my life.  I want to establish an NGO and no money to do that. So i need breakthrough now. In Jesus’s name.

Posted by: odehyie, on Aug 18
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Just want to be wise in making good decisions that will be important for wife and me.

Posted by: Vince Martz, on Jul 26
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I need prayer for my Father of my Children, Jeff. He is keeping the kids from church, making it difficult for me to parent them, and is only concerned with sports and worldly activities.  I want to love Jeff like Jesus does, but it is difficult to watch when it impacts the children.  We…

Posted by: Lizzyjm310, on Jul 20
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My 13 yr old told me she’s and atheist because she prayed for happiness for years and her prayers weren’t answered . I know this began when my marriage ended and her father moved 3 hrs away . She listens to alternative angry music and calls herself Goth . She’s lying and sneaking…

Posted by: Atheistsmother2001, on Jul 12
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The Word of Life Ministry

Please stand with us believing for a land to build our church property and a church vehicle for transportation of our members, instruments and going for outreaches in the rural areas of Papua New Guinea.

Posted by: Bosa Togs, on Jun 27
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