I am caught in the bondage of addiction. I have tried not to use several times and have failed. I have tried praying on my own and it did not work. I have recently considered taking my own life because I feel so hopeless and alone. I am a victim of child sexual abuse as well as an extremely abusive marriage that ended in divorce. I have tried several times to take my own life but God won’t let me go and I don’t understand why? I have even lost my children who I cry for everyday. I think I use just to escape my pain. I can get my babies back but not like this. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!!! I have tried it on my own and I can’t do it. I NEED A MIRACLE that can only come from God. Thank you and God bless whoever reads my request and takes the time to pray for me

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I am praying for you!

Posted by ronnysurabaya on 01/24

I can understand how you feel. Many of us quite often find ourselves in situations like yours.

It is indeed unspeakably difficult to maintain even a seed of faith to see a miracle happen while the wait is unbearably frustrating.

But let’s learn from the lady with a blood issue in Luke 8: 43 - 48. Thanks to her endless efforts and unfailing faith despite her untold desparation, she pressed on and eventually made it. Her healing came to pass because she touched Him (the seam of His robe). Not because He touched her. Do you see the difference?

Suicide could put our miseries to an end here on earth. But hereafter, our agonies will go on and on for eternity. With an eye on the eternal condemnation, suicide is definetely not an option for Christians.

Yes, we can’t carry our life’s burdens on our own. But people won’t or can’t help us all the time. Despite it all, we need others’ spiritual support to get us back up and move on without looking back. The past is forever gone. But the bitter memories keep lingering in our minds, robbing us of our present joy and hope for the future.

So why don’t you get some spiritual help from spiritually mature people? Watch live church services on line at getv.com or sonlifetv.com. Watch their previously-recorded videos on line to get spiritually recharged and energized. Email them your prayer requests if you will. I’m not their church member, though. So I’m not promoting their ministries. But I do believe God speaks to us in one way or another.

Stay strong. Press on though there seems to be no way yet. He will open the way in due time. He still works wonders but He works on His time schedule. This costs our faith.

I am praying for you.

Posted by ronnysurabaya on 02/08







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