My name is ericka
I have bean a single mother of 3 girls.
They are 20 , 18 and 15 years old.

Please pray for me.
Pray for me so that God Almithy,Jesus Christ and the Holly Spirit healp me in a miracleless way
and give me total Victory over powerfull enemies that am confronting me and trying to destroy me.
Please grant me by your mercy total victory over them. Oh God I need you to touch the hearth of Isabel de Salazar. Carlos S, Lizbeth S, Luis, S every one in Luis office, tia emilce and all her family, the new son of Carlos,Rafael Salazar Sanchez, Brenda her father and all her cousings please dear Powerfull and wonderfull God put their hearths minds, and will in my favor.
God and specially give Rafael Salazar Sanchez the will and the desire to mary me and that he love me more than any one else not more than you , more than any one else.
I need supernatural wisdom to manage this so i wont lose these blessings and a miracles blessing that no one take away from me these blessings that i am asking for.
  Please dear brothers and sisters in Christ pray for me so that The Great I Am grant to me victory over intelligent and powerfull enemies that are trying to destroy my life, and the life of my 3 daugthers.
  I need great and powerfull wisdom and intelligence for everything i do and say, healing, fron God Almithy.
Please pray for me so that God have mercy on me.
And for all the petitions of my hearth. Thank you God in advance i praise you Lord in advance for granting me and giving me all of this petitions thank you God, I praise your name oh Lord and father thank you.
                    And Thank you brothers and Sisters for praying for me.
                    Atte ericka.

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I am praying for you!

In the meantime, watch any Bible-based TV programs online (at or not online to stay strong in faith.

On top of that, the faith-building Sunday services live on GETV (at  or on SBN (at are worth watching as well.

Stay strong in faith and God bless and keep you.

Posted by ronnysurabaya on 03/17







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