I’m praying that God will forgive me my sins that God will have mercy on me Iberia Born Again Soul and Spirit pray that God will have mercy on me forget my past and present and future sins I could be become saved as a born-again Christian at all my sins are washed away from the past present and future I’m crying out for salvation for forgiveness Iberia born Iberia reacted to Soul and Spirit I become saved new spirit in New Soul that I have long-lasting life with God into heaven that all my sins are forgiven please pray for my pets my praying mantis they stay in good health they live a long life style I had them for five years I raise and do the damn for 5 years please pray for their their safety please pray for them that God will protect them I’m an angel from heaven I protect God’s creatures I protect endangered species that are God’s creatures I have some trying to trap some praying mantis outside in the cold I’m trying to bring him in in the trying to bring him in in the warm house please pray that they will survive and they will be okay and I could bring them in from the cold weather but they’ll survive please pray that people don’t hurt or harm them they’re my children I protect them at all times I watch over them I’m God’s angel from Heaven to watch over my children and God’s children they are my children please pray that God will protect me from my enemies persecuted me and told me that me at all times I live in a group home the staff is talking badly against me to my family spending lies and rumors I believe that my family was Stop Believing the lies and rumors that my family was stop punishing me taking away my belongings my allowance my phone my iPod they took everything away I pray that God would touch my family’s hard to give me back everything they have till they treat me like I’m a five-year-old I’m 47 years old they say I have to suffer I do not deserve to suffer that guy will fight my trouble times against my enemies when they attacked me that my enemies stop attacking me in persecuted mean that God will be there to protect me at all times in trouble I pray I get my freedom back on 24-hour lockdown in the group home I pray I get my freedom back to go visit my family to see my family April 4th is my birthday that’s on Easter I pray I could go see my family and my aunt could come back from Florida we can spend some time together that she could come from Florida more often to Connecticut her best friend on will take me for my birthday and I can spend overnights and be with my family I pray that God will heal me mentally spiritually and physically and emotionally in my anger I pray that Donna would give me back all my belongings that she has took she is my aunt’s best friend I pray that she gives everything back to me I pray that God will punish and Jessica is my enemies that they will pay the price and consequences for me suffering like this they’re the ones that’s making me suffer and I don’t deserve to suffer like this pray that I could bring my children inside for warm shelter and get them out of the cold weather I took I got some inside but I need to get the rest of them inside I feed them and give them water and shelter please pray I grew up with trauma violence all my life when I was a little girl my and rescued me when I was 12 years old she gave me a Wonderful Life I’m afraid to lose my family because of the staff in the worker so I can gospel a bad about me against my back to my family my family is believing everything that God protect my family so hard to stop believing lies and gossip that the staff is saying against me that’s not true that I get all my belongings back the God will protect me from my enemies my God will fight my battles in the time of trouble against my enemies that God will stop them from attacking me that God will protect my praying mantis outdoors and indoors that I can bring them in from the cold weather the guy will forgive me my sins and give me salvation and you wrecked me Soul and Spirit into heaven that I be re saved that all my sins are forgiven that God will heal me from my anger towards people that persecute in hurt me especially my enemies I forgive my enemies but I’m holding a lot of anger is he in a child Anger from the abuse and Trauma and violence I grew up as a little girl amen

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