I need prayers. I pray everyday, most especially when I cry or throughout the day. I pray with my rosary beads. My husband needs psychiatric help for picking his skin until it bleeds, his laziness, his lack of interest in his health. He doesn’t partner with me to exercise or lose weight. I try. He also financially abuses me. Our home has been in disarray with incomplete renovations for seven years. We have rodents and bugs. He could care less. In this house, my job isn’t good enough and we haven’t been intimate in over three years. He lives to work. I’m consumed with jealousy of others, self doubt, anxious about money as I am all alone paying my own bills, all utilities and car insurance for both of us. This isn’t what I dreamed of in my marriage. I just keep my mouth shut because he gets angry and can say mean things. He mocks my body. I have no friends and spend far too much time alone. He doesn’t remember anything I tell him, doesn’t care for the dogs, seems oblivious. I’ve been crying far too much lately and just want a healthy marriage, a union, even small adventures…joy. I want a husband who commits as much as I do and does things with me. This has been my prayer for years. He had over $600k in investments and uses the withdrawals for himself and breaks his promises to use it for the house. I have $400 to my name until I get paid in September. I’m a good woman. God has saved me before, but I feel forsaken now. Please Lord help my husband, help me…I am done forgiving as I feel so empty and so tired.

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