Prayer request dPray deliverance from rejection Pray deliverance rejection 62 yr old siblings coworker huge problem generational curse from deceased father all I am told is I worry about everything my concerns are dismissed as worries like the car issue that mechanics can not diagnos or resolve but because I share my concern about car reliability as midnight when my shift ends I am a worry wart.Why is 62 yr old a worry warr because her car has unresolved issue when she took to Christian auto repair twice paid $320 and same repeated problem next day the business others tell me just drive the car.I keep asking God for word of knowledge wisdom how to resolve.Pls pray God show me what to do with this car or show me why I am in this position.Please pray for forgiveness for my sin.I have walked home before but I live in inner-city area and my car tires were slashed in 2020 by neighbors who do not like me.My siblings live in houses far away. They work from home jobs.I Workin blue collar job where I have to physically travel to work.I could take a bus home and walk the rest of the way if necessary but I prefer to get this car issue resolved and use vacation if requires time.I do not understand why my siblings brother who is auto engineer will not respond to my request to help but he lives 2000 miles away. I have requested advice from online car forums but I need God to show me what to do with this car.If I keep driving when I could have done maintenance or if I caused due to lack of maintenance need God to show me.Deliverence from rejection spiritual accusation deliverance from rejection generational curse..I am told I worry when car has problem mechanics can not diagnose and fix I told I worry when I talk about anything share any information please ask God to give me word of wisdom word of knowledge how to get deliverance

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