Please pray that God will protect me from my enemies attacking me and persecuted mean I live in the group home the staff talks bad behind my back spread rumors against me attacking me constantly having my family turn against my family says I should be punished I should lose everything I should lose my phone my iPod in my allowance I get for every month for living in the group home to pay have friends please pray that God would touch their hearts my family and not listen to any rumors or lies that is set against me the staff is turning the family against me it bothers me I’m losing my family I pray that my family would give me back my allowance next month I pray that I get everything back that was taken from me I don’t deserve to suffer please pray for my praying mantis that they stay in good health that they live a long life style I raised him for five years since they were born I watch them grew up when they were babies they are a blessing gift from God I rescued a praying mantis when it was in Jada came up to me and that’s how I had them for 5 years I’ve been taking care of them for five years when they were born as babies God bless me with these creatures in my life I’m an angel from Heaven to protect God’s creatures there endangered species and I’m protecting his creatures that’s starts well that’s what God wants me to do on Earth to protect his creatures I have praying mantis outside I’m trying to travel and bring him indoors from the cold weather I am very worried about the Nicole would it kill them in harm them and I bought some praying mantis indoors that I trapped there was more out there pray that they’ll survive they’ll be okay and stay warm in the Box I give them food and water pray that I could bring the rest of them indoors to warm shelter they are my children I love them like my children I can’t have children so I look at them as my children that I raised them and neutered them when they were born are very lovable and friendly lovable and they like to play when now hungry they squeak they climb up my foot a sleep with me when I say I love you and they squeak and talk back to me they look at me and they’re so cute watching them clean their selves there are low so lovable creatures please pray that they be protected indoors and Outdoors please pray that God will protect me from my enemies attacking me and persecuted me and a time of trouble that God will fight against my enemies against the Battle of my enemies that God will stop my enemies from persecuting me told me it in me and torturing me that my enemies will pay the price that they will suffer and pay the price but they put me through that God will chastise them play that God will forgive me my sins that God will have mercy on me I’m a sinner I pray that I get solvation long-lasting life into heaven I pray that. Born Soul and Spirit Iberia wrecked it Soul and Spirit that I could be in heaven with God that I become a born-again Christian that God will forgive my past and present sins I have so much anger towards people because of my past experience of trauma and abuse in my life as a little girl I was severely abused by my father by violence my father tried to kill me when I was a little girl I survived thanks to my aunt you guys give me when I was 12 years old gave me a wonderful life I’m very thankful for her that she was there for me to rescue me as my guardian angel I never want to lose her I never want her to persecute me or abandon me I wanted to keep in touch and be a family with her but the staff is spreading so much rumors and lies is on a believable and it’s bothering me and I might lose my relationship with my family my aunt’s friend Donna she is like a second and to me she’s part of my hand slap they know each other for 14 years I know and Donna for eight years done is the one that says I should have my stuff taken away and I should suffer and pay the price Donna is mentally emotionally abusive it she’s the one that took away my belongings as very valuable to me I pray that you stopped believing gossiping in lies against me from the staff members that work at the group home I live in a group home it’s a two-year program it’s a halfway house and I pray I’m trying real hard to get a caseworker I’m struggling real hard to get a caseworker I pray that I get a caseworker to go on waiting list for other house and programs that I’ve been threatened to be homeless appoint out in the streets I pray that I get all the houses before 2 years or wherever I go. My baby will move with me my children my praying mantis how much 24-hour lockdown I pray I get my freedom back to have a normal life I like to go visit my family I like to see my family spend time with my family to do overnights at Donna’s house my aunt lives in Florida if my birthday is April 4th I pray that she will come from Florida on my birthday April 4th is Easter I pray we can spend time together as a family I could do over nights and weekends to be with my family I pray I see my aunt more she comes more to visit to Connecticut and we can keep in touch and spend more time together I pray that my family will not forsake me or leave me or abandon me. My family was Stop Believing lies and gossip that’s not true about me I have borderline personality disorder I have a learning disability I had supper with spelling Reading Writing is especially with speech words please pray for me and my praying mantis and God will protect me from my enemies that God will win the battle against my enemies in the time of trouble that I can be at peace with myself and I can be at peace with God that God will protect my praying mantis that God will protect me in the time of trouble

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