Hi please help me with this question I have, I have been praying to God to please keep me safe from accidents at work driving the city bus for Charlotte, NC well I just got in a bus accident today is God angry at me? Why didn’t he protect me? Could you please tell me what it could be and please pray for my protection thank you and your ministry so much! 

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Hi Reginald,

Recently, a preacher said,“In times of afflictions, instead of asking God “why,” we’d better ask Him “how.” How to get out of these turbelences. Ask Him for strength to endure. Ask Him for a solution.
Bad and good things happen to bad and good people without cherry-picking. The sunshine is for both groups. And so is the rainfall.

Why did He let bad things happen? I have no answer to that. But the Bible says He lets everything happen for our own sake. In fact, we mostly, if not always, miss the good point behind each tragedy.

Anyway, we won’t miss His strength to come to terms with the unevitable so that we can move on instead of looking back and carrying around our questions with “pending” answers in our hearts. It won’t restore the situation but will destroy our relationship with Him. Easier said than done? Correct. That’s why we do need His strength and guidance. Let’s sing with the song writer of “I Surrender All.”

I heard another preacher say,“God is with us either in good or bad times for sure.” Are we with Him in good as well as in bad times? Another said,“You won’t ever know His power and enjoy His help until you’re powerless and helpless.” Then and there you will hear your heart sing a melody of thanksgiving despte it all.

In the meantime, watch any Bible-based TV programs online (at http://www.daystar.com) or not online to stay strong in faith.

On top of that, the faith-building Sunday services live on GETV (at http://www.gtv.org)  or on SBN (at http://www.jsm.org.) are worth watching as well.

I’m not a preacher. Neither a lay one. I’m just sharing. I’m a weekling like any others, if any. Your present feeling often times creeps up in me as well. We’re staggering all the way. Let’s learn to stay strong in faith by staying connected to faith-building and Bible-based resources in one way or another.

I am praying for you! God bless and keep you regardless of your circumstances.

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