Pray for drug dealer neighbors going around knocking on doors asking for cigarette lighters selling or buying drugs.My door shares common concrete landing with another apartment. The steel railing prevent me from exit without passing. The former drug dealer and prison gang member claims to be clean, but questionable druggies have started to knock on my door and one told me a rumor stating I live with this former drug dealer have circulated around this apartment complex. I ask for prayer for Diane, Gil, David. I have no contact except sharing my car with neighbors to grocery store. I do not have a peep hole or front door chain and I have one window that does not allow me to see who is at the front entrance. Please pray God deals with the lying spirit against me causing these druggies coming to my door. I put a sign NO DRUGS HERE on my front door to discourage people from knocking on my door. The former drug dealer is 60 and sold drugs starting at age 16. Most of his life was in prison. He does not bother me but I do not know if he is the source of the problem, because he just got a job cleaning the outside of the buildings of trash and can tell neighbors anything about me. Pray all contact with him and others will be broken and my car will not be vandalized.

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I am praying for you and your neighbors!
May God protect you all the time, even when there seems to be no protection you can rely on.

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Stay strong in faith.

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