This prayer request regards for the new year, and includes special prayer requests for this year including for a blessed year for all of the righteous in this world.

My prayer request includes:

1. If Hank Scott’s APT Ministries / The Pure Truth Restored really is a true earthly ministry of the Almighty Creator, then my prayer is that it will reap it’s full fruit / harvest in both this life and the next (above all the next), and that it’s needed message be delivered to a sinful, recalcitrant, vicious world above and beyond all that which we can ask.

2. For a great harvest of souls to the APT Ministries. May I be the first convert.

3. May I and many others prepare for, undertake and fully complete our Divinely appointed roles in the APT Ministry to the best of our abilities, sacrificing and suffering only that which is necessary for spiritual “perfection”.

4. That I, and many others, will in no wise be ill-prepared for the spiritual warfare that lies ahead in the future, to overcome the spiritual forces of darkness of this present age but that we will be among the truly spiritually wise of this age who will be prepared, having assured ourselves of an abundant supply of the oil of the sacred spirit of our heavenly Creator and Savior, living in and through us, in the “lamp” of our physical being to giving us insight, wisdom and the ability to reveal this light to others, so they can find their way without stumbling fatally in the darkness of the wicked and evil age in which we all now live.

5. May I and many others worthily partake of what Hank Scott calls the Denouement: the outpouring of the Creator’s Sacred Spirit upon people before the dark time of tribulation.

6. May myself and many others also be counted worthy to escape the worst of what is to come, what is called “the hour of temptation” / “The Great Tribulation”, etc.

7. May I and many others receive the greatest reward / blessing able to be received in the next life, Hank Scott calls that partaking of the First Resurrection.
8. May I and others prove all things:

1 Thessalonians 5:21 (KJV): “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.”

test everything, and hold fast that which is good.

9. For the spiritual awakening, repentance and salvation of my country the United States of America. I see the only way our corrupt, sinful and wicked nation can be spared from destruction is from a Higher Power, the Almighty Creator.

I see our Nation’s state of affairs or problems being summarized in or having an overall, general capping of, in the Pure Truth Restored article / issue “You Can Help Stop the Fraud”.

That we Americans would become a responsible people and stewards of our country, humanity and the earth (I think we are practically world citizens as what happens in America greatly affects and influences the rest of the world), setting a model example of moral conduct to our neighbors, the rest of the world.

That we take back our freedoms, rights, heritage, blessings, that which was and is being stolen from us, and of which we are guilty of allowing that theft.

That we Americans abolish any form of evil, corrupt government, and establish a new form of government that is ordained and approved of by our Almighty Creator.

That we give our full support and honor due to those who bear not the sword in vain but are ministers of our Sovereign Maker (Romans 13:1-7), and that we oppose and judge all sin and wickedness.

That we become a righteous nation (Proverbs 14:34).

10. For a most blessed year for all the humble, lowly and righteous of this world. Also for conversion of the wicked in this world.

But also a year for righteous judgement and judgement.

There are people in power in every area of society (in government, politics, corporations, religion, medicine etc,) that do not seek the welfare of humanity but the hurt, robbing, oppression and destruction of their fellow man and seek money, power, pleasure, the things of this world. They are corrupt, selfish, greedy, hateful and wicked people. 

There are who are in the attempt to take away our rights, freedoms, property, heritage, blessings, future posterity and even our existence. That is, they’re attempting to take away anything and everything! (Perhaps even our very souls, some say! Like through the implementation of the Biblical “Mark of the Beast”).

Such people, I think, include (supposed U.S. President) Joe Biden, (supposed U.S. Vice President) Kamala Harris, Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, The Bush family like George W. Bush Jr., Bill Gates, Henry A. Kissinger, members of the Rockefeller family line and members of the Rothschild family line and many others.

And this is not just about our own country, but all of humanity is at stake.

It’s not about saving the world from a virus (or supposed virus) or making the world a better place, which are only false pretexts for some of these people to seize these “opportunities” to fatten their wallets, increase their wealth and power, etc, by screwing humanity!

Both the wicked people in office / high places and their wicked supporters (which include people in my life like family), the public or ordinary citizens, are corrupt and do not have our country nor humanity’s best interest at heart and are leading the world both towards ushering in Satan’s / the Beast’s world rule and kingdom and towards destruction.

That the wicked be exposed for all to see, that all of their deeds, conspiring and attempts, and their evil hearts (including their core, innermost motives) be laid bare for all to see, and that they receive all the ill-earned disrespect that they have coming and that righteous judgement and justice be done to them, except they repent, and that they do repent.

Let the wicked expose themselves, both in word and pen, deeds, let their own mouths condemn them and they expose themselves, that they themselves confess and concede to the truth, let them be divided against themselves and turn against and betray each other.

That this new year be a year of the debasing, judging, and destruction of the wicked and an uplifting, victory and blessing / reward of the righteous.

For the wicked can mean fines, loss of property, removal of office (including that ill-gained), imprisonment, loss of citizenship, and even ultimate punishment- execution, or just “godly” judgement, as in that which comes from Creator’s own hand and not by ours.

For a “cleansing” / “purging” / culling of the wicked from the world, as the Creator justly sees fit.

That the wicked falls into the “pit” that they dig for the innocent and the righteous. (Proverbs 26:27) That their attempts and attacks against the innocent and righteous backfire upon them even in spades, if Creator deems it fit!

Not just for a punishing & judging of the wicked this year, but for vindication, freeing and releasing of the innocent and the righteous this year, such as from prison.

As I think one of our country’s forefather’s(?) stated that in times of tyranny or when evil men are in power, many innocent, moral and patriotic men are imprisoned, and from what I’ve seen and heard I believe many people have unjustly gone to prison, such as for standing up for the “right” thing or for being true patriots, from being railroaded, etc.

Perhaps the place where most of our true patriotic men and women can be found is in our prisons. Let our fellow men and women wrongly in captivity know they are not forgotten but remembered, and be given a voice and know it, and that their own voice be heard from their side of the prison wall, and may the Creator give them just restoration as only He best can.

That this years issues, along with all of the issues from 2020 (the Coronavirus and it’s related issues, election issues like fraud, violent protests, injustice, etc) end up working against the unrepentant wicked, and for their just comeuppance, but also that these same issues end up, and are in the process of, turning into the greatest blessings, or creating the greatest blessings, that the Almighty Creator can bestow upon his Children and Elect.

Note: I say all this about judgement and such upon the wicked, EXCEPT that they genuinely repent, and my prayer for them is that they do truly repent, and become among the humble and righteous and be received and accepted by the humble and righteous.

That this year will be a time of plenty, prosperity, safety and peace for the humble, lowly and righteous, even in the times of scarcity, lack, famine, turmoil, etc. That they will be blessed financially, and not lack, have financial freedom, be released from debt, etc.

11. That I be the most productive, dutiful and responsible person and blessing that I can be, not just for my country but for all of humanity.

12. Scriptural study: that is something absent in my life, I lack investing in thorough, diligent study of scripture. That I will be a diligent student of scripture to the best of my abilities.

13. That I will diligently prove to myself, and / or have it proven to me, the truth about the doctrine of the Creator’s Sacred name, and that I will fully embrace it and live in total obedience to it for the rest of my life.

14. That I will be the most humble, teachable, willing to learn person that I can be. “Survival of the Aptest” (those most apt, or teachable or willing to learn), I believe.

15. That I will become what is called a “Gifted Individual”, people who possess extraordinary abilities in one or more various areas.

16. Health issues: I have both mental and physical problems. Physical problems include gum and teeth issues, I wish to have my gums fully healed and my teeth healed or grown back. I have frequent urination (20 times a day or so when I’ve counted) which I wish to cease.

My mental issues are what bother me the most of these health issues, which include problems with memory (issues with short term memory, forgetfulness), brain fog, my mind goes blank, trouble concentrating or thinking, thoughts being blocked, cognitive issues.

Part of my mental problems seems to be, or is like that of, Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), like it takes me all morning to get ready for the day, compulsive rituals or habits, I store or hoard things like grocery receipts, a big problem is emailing: it can take me literally hours to write out a single email message (such as this email message) (rewriting & rewriting it, redrafting it, etc).

Another big problem for me is my thinking and behaviour seems to be limited or blocked, stuff doesn’t or won’t come to the surface, when I try to think of something my mind goes blank or when I do think of something I want to say or do the words or actions gets blocked from my mind.

I feel like a former mental shell of myself.

“I want my mind back” is what I feel like saying. That I’ll get my mind back and then some.

I believe I’m also a crackbaby, which may explain alot.

17. Freedom from spiritual problems: from what I have seen and heard ( including in both mainstream and non-mainstream Christian media and sources) I believe that evil, scripturally forbidden practices like witchcraft are rampant in our world and that many people may be unknowing victims of things like curses, spells etc, which I think may very well be the case with me. I feel like I’m cursed (including from some of the health issues that I mentioned above). From what I see in my family (certain patterns, behavior and problems) I think generational curses may also be affecting me. Some people say mental issues / disorders like schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive, etc are actually demonic oppression and / or possession, the idea of which I am open to.

That I be free from all curses, spiritual oppression or possession, whether they be from myself (like the results from sin), others (both intentional, like people cursing me, or unintentional, like generational curses), or anything else.

18. Freedom from and / or avoidance of all other hidden or invisible dangers that people could be ignorantly subjected to or fall prey to: psychological warfare, microchipping, being a Targeted Individual (TI), environmental factors (chemtrails, chemical dowsing, nontechnology like smart dust), attacks through the use of technology, Satanic ritual abuse, evil, malevolent aliens, etc.

19. Forgiveness: I have unforgiveness in my heart. I don’t forgive nor do I ask others for forgiveness. I think because I don’t know or understand what the concept of forgiveness really is, like the conditions or requirements of forgiveness. Different people teach different things and so I pray that I will have the truth on this topic be revealed to me and that I will be granted repentance on this matter.

20. Hate / lack of love in my heart: I have hate in my heart. Another concept I don’t truly understand. I don’t tell others that I love them, not even those closest to me because I can’t honestly say that I do love or know what love really is.

I think I may be missing what the Bible refers to as “the love of God”, a love that is supposed to be found only in true believers ((1 John 4:7-8, 16)), a love I don’t profess to have and may have never felt before.

I’m not sure what true love is or if I have the truest form of love. Some people claim that there is a human, carnal type of love that is only a feeble imitation of true “godly” love, a type that even the religious hypocrites of the Saviour’s time like the Pharisees had (Matthew 7:11, Luke 11:13), but that there is also a greater love that you can only have come into you when you are “saved”.

I’ve been confused about this concept, and that I will learn the truth about love and be granted repentance on it.

21. Tolerance: I think I have been and are guilty of having a tolerance for sin, and need to stand up to and oppose it, boldly speaking out and not holding back, taking proper action.

22. Ingratitude. I’m not as grateful as I can be. I’m not one to always count their blessings. “I’m blessed. Everyday I wake up I’m blessed” is what I once heard some one say (slightly paraphrasing maybe), and I don’t see how people can just be grateful for that, grateful just to be alive. To me, it’s not enough to be alive or only as well off as some people currently have it. How people can just be content with what they have, I don’t get. I’m not content with what I have. “Some people have it worse than you, you know” is what some say, well some people have it better than me is what I say. 

23. Research projects and efforts: that I will be wisely guided in and have the fruits of my hands blessed in my research efforts.

There are some research projects that I think I may need to finally abandon, but I’m not sure if I am to (sometimes I just don’t know when to quit Emoji), so I ask for the answer to that.

One of those possible projects is involved in my efforts to prove to and warn others of the evils and dangers of modern science, including of the medical field. This includes forbidden practices in scripture like pharmaceutical drugs, poisonous vaccines, harmful, misleading testing, tampering with genetics (DNA altering, mixing or combining man with animal, alien or technology, cloning), etc. (And may I have do all that is my part to do to expose and destroy these evil works and save myself and others from them.)

But some of that particular research, like about the Coronavirus and it’s related issues like Covid-19 vaccines, I question if I am making an less than fruitful effort to prove the truth about those things, one being I’m just a layman who finds stuff like genetics “rocket science” and am not that qualified as others to prove the truth about this stuff, and second I feel, that most who do believe this stuff are not really receptive or reachable or are whom I should focus most of my efforts to.

Everything about the Covid-19 vaccines is questionable or bad (the vaccine trials / testing, safety, effectiveness, purpose, etc).

Christians & ministries around the world are speaking out and opposing this “crime against humanity”. Experts like doctors, researchers, etc have, too.

Like other scientific evils, people are making all sorts of claims about the Covid-19 vaccines, from being untested, harmful vaccines to being the Biblical “Mark of the Beast”. (There are same or similar claims about the Covid-19 swab tests, that they give false test results or are not actual tests but give you a pathogen or implant you with nanotechnology or some other “Mark of the Beast” type scenario).

People who think they will spared from the effects & consequences of taking the Covid-19 vaccines because they profess they are Christians, believe in the Bible or Jesus Christ, I believe deceive themselves, including regarding salvation.

I pray the Covid-19 vaccines be exposed for what they really are & do for all people to see, that my prayers & efforts this week and in the future to warn & inform others (family, neighbors, associates, etc), like through research, investigating, publishing and distributing materials, about the vaccines will reap it’s full, blessed fruition, saving lives / souls, creating a growing movement, “waking up” many to take the proper, necessary (and immediate) action against these vaccines in accordance with the Creator’s laws and guidance, no matter the necessary cost required to so.

Same thing goes for the prayers & efforts of ALL those to oppose this vaccine (including a fellow I know by the of Hank Scott).

I’m not a doctor, scientist or any other expert, I am a layman without the head knowledge, education or academic credentials of such (I’ve already faced opposition from such type, like from family) but I pray that I ( & all others opposing the vaccines) will, nevertheless, “prove all things” (1 Thessalonians 5:21) about the vaccines, laying bare all of the evidence & may people see and fully receive the evidence. That there be people fully qualified that will do this.

Pray that the Creator will send to those in my life like family, neighbors, etc (including those I’ve already tried to warn which has included, so far, my father, mother, brother, grandparents, uncles and aunts, great uncles and great aunts, neighbors, etc) ), another or others more qualified than me to prove all things to them the truth about the Covid-19 vaccines, sharing all the proof one can ask for.

Same thing regarding pharmaceutical drugs (“sorceries” in the Bible ( Revelation 9:21 ) is Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance #5331: medication (“pharmacy”)), which some of my family like grandparents are being poisoned by.

May those I’ve warned and all others in my life “wake up”, see drugs & the Covid vaccines for what they really are, be protected and preserved from these “crimes against humanity”.

Another research project of mine that I question if I should forsake is finding people / ministries that perform or are involved in real miracles (I’ve worked on this project for over a year now). But think it may not be of the Creator’s will for me to go down this path, and so I ask for an answer to that.

Regarding this particular project, I may require a sign that I’m going in the wrong direction by pursuing this research project.

And a special mention for my effort to convert my family (including father, mother, brother, grandparents on my father’s side) who are among the wicked and religious hypocrites, if their past is any indication, not open to reason, logic, facts, biblical proof or any correction whatsoever.

They are leading themselves and others towards destruction and eternal damnation, and have a hand in bringing about the worst evils upon us, including establishing Satan’s World Order System / Kingdom and the implementation of the prophesied “Mark of the Beast”. 

Maybe I’m not to try to convert them, if that (conversion) is even now possible for some of them at this point, but instead I am to leave the “spiritual dead” behind to fend for themselves while I try to find my own way, unhindered, down the righteous path and for the sake of others who have a heart of “good soil” (Luke 8:15), who have an openness to and willingness to receive the truth who are truly worthy to be sought out and shown the way to enter into His Kingdom from my own efforts.

Also, if it is His will for me now, may I “fire” my family or He “fire” my family and may I seek and find better (including spiritual) relationships.

If I’m “beating a dead horse” in any of these continued projects or efforts of mine or just need to stop and “move forward”, then may it be shown to me and may I abandon any or all of them.

24. I need a change in diet and lifestyle for the better diet, one fully conforming to the Creator’s laws and that is “pure” in our Creator’s sight. And may I be given all of the nutrition and nourishment that I need.

25. I want to be a polymath. Emoji

Blessings, including for this new year (which may have start at the equinox according to one “Sacred Calendar”),

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